Weight loss diet


This is the answer everyone wants what is the best weight loss diet and unfortunately with so many diets cluttering the media these days paleo, ketonic, iifym, carb free, shake diets…….(the list goes on forever) everyone is becoming more confused and overly focused on what ‘brand’ of diet they fall into.

Im here to tell you there is no one size fits all ultimate ‘weight loss diet’. Its the confronting truth, the fact is losing weight is a very simple strategy that unfortunately just requires a lot of self discipline, application and hard work. If you can provide these internal qualities which my program is hugely focused around maintaining, the requirements to lose weight are simple:

  • have in place a meal plan full of nutritious, micronutrient rich foods while staying below your basal metabolic rate of calories.
  • drink plenty of water
  • MOVE!!! do some form of exercise, preferably above all strength training
  • be consistent with your eating and training while keeping track of results to see if slight adjustments to your diet/training are needed.

Thats it! No secret foods that are a must and certainly not no carbs!! When it comes to the best weight loss diet its simply a matter of ensuring your eating filling, micronutrient rich foods (proteins, veggies, some fruit) while maintaining a caloric deficit. If you need help designing a weight loss plan feel free to follow the link below to join the team.


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