The Entire BBTJ Package: 40DT + Nutrition Guide + HIIT

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All entire BBTJ package consists of three ebooks and personal feedback from TJ himself:

[1] 40DT
[2] Nutrition Guide
[3] HIIT
[4] personalised outline from TJ himself, on how you can reach your fitness and health goals.


Get your hands on the game changing BBTJ transformation system. The extremely detailed 26 page transformationsystem takes the guess work out of fitness and covers a massive range of topics including the what, why’s and when’s of
– Stretching
– Strength training tempo
– Hiit training
– Fasted cardio training
– Tracking ones progress
– Your 40 day progressive strength program

Nutrition Guide

7 day macronutrient based nutrition guide customised to your weight and goals, consisting of 5 meals per day giving you massive variety. Your guide will take you through all things nutrition including explanations of:
– Macronutrients
– Micronutrients
– Water intake
– Alcohol,
– Cheat meals and much more.

Nutrition is 80% of any transformation and must be the foundation of your program if you are looking to transform your body.


With a fat melting intervals sessions for all needs, in the gym, at home and outdoors.


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