IIFYM or (if it fits your macros) is basically a way some people in the fitness industry base their diets and track their food. If it fits your macros is based around the idea that without effecting body composition someone can eat any type of food they wish as long as it meets their caloric requirements made up of three macronutrients; protein, carbohydrates and fats.

IIFYM’ers believe that all calories are created equal and that foods GI (glycemic index) levels have no effect on body composition. For example if you were to eat

90g of skittles with 82g of carbs (81g coming from sugar)


400g sweet potato with C82g of carbs (34g coming from sugars and 13.2 fibre)

Your body would process both forms of carbohydrates the same with neither resulting in more fat retention, insulin spikes or effecting weight loss. The issue here is many of the people flying the flag for IIFYM are blessed with great metabolisms and genetics meaning they can eat almost anything they want and not gain fat! So they jump on social media bragging about all the pizza/ice-cream/chocolate/lollies etc they can get away with eating while in a deficit and confusing all their followers as to why they cant get away with the same type of eating and still be in a deficit.

Due to the radicals boasting hardline theories ‘macros’ have gotten a bad name in some corners and following ‘macros’ has some people thinking your eating pizza and ice-cream daily. This is not the case as all foods are made up of macronutrients and it is simply the total of these numbers that determines your macros.

Personally I set myself a caloric amount and determine my macros depending on my goal (the same process as with clients) then I go about designing a meal plan that is rich in whole foods and most importantly of all ‘MICRONUTRIENTS’ which are heavily ignored with a lot of IIFYM. Ill follow this plan majority of my week as it is convenient and I’m always on the run. The times I am home and feel imaginative I will practice what i call ‘flexible dieting’ which is a waaaaaaay better concept then what IIFYM has become and you can find a full piece I have written on it in the learning area.


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