How to get Curves


Ok girls so the question “how do I get curves?” gets asked of me constantly and to this my answer is always “weight training and nutrition”!

I see so many poor girls slaving away on the cardio equipment day in day out saying they are looking to ‘get curves’ when unfortunately cardio without strength training and the wrong nutrition will do exactly the opposite. Reason being the only way a girl can add curves to her body is by building muscle, mainly to the gluteus muscles (bum) and tightening up their abdomen.

Now as we know cardio is a catabolic exercise (breaks down muscle) and strength training is an anabolic exercise (stimulates muscle growth) so the decision is easy!! While making sure your nutrition is on point and especially getting enough protein i would recommend the following musts in your weights program for getting curves

  1. Barbell squats: These are an absolute must if your trying to build your booty and ‘get curves’. Squats when performed correctly work the entire body but especially require a huge amount of glue recruitment to perform the exercise so if your dropping it low with the right nutrition your bum will grow!!
  2. Deadlifts: Deadlifts are second to none for working the entire body from head to toe and importantly all the posterior muscles including the glute muscles.
  3. Glute bridges: These are a great glue activation especially if you struggle a bit with your squatting technique. The key to these are to go nice and slow and focus on the mind muscle connection in your booty.
  4. Ab training: Of course getting curves is going to require a tight, lean mid section and some ab training will certainly help towards this. I recommend you focus a lot of prone holds/planks and when performing crunching and twisting exercises try to squeeze the muscles as much as possible with each movement and not just rush through the reps.


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