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In order to build muscle fast there needs to be certain things in place with your diet and training. The biggest mistake most young blokes make when trying to get muscle onto their frame is not eating enough calories!! If your looking to ‘Bulk’ nutrition is everything!! I see it all to often, young guys spending more than 2 hours a day in the gym doing more training then they need to grow then not eating enough food so in turn not seeing any results nearly as fast.

So some simple things to make sure your ticking off for muscle growth are:

  • Protein for mass: I like to be better safe then sorry here when gaining mass so i go with 1.2 x per pound of body weight, for example if you weigh 200 pounds your protein would be set at 200×1.2= 240g protein per day
  • Carbs are essential: Carbohydrates are what our bodies use to fuel our workouts, they are stored in the muscles as glycogen and can help with the release of insulin which will put your body into an anabolic state to grow muscle so ensure your body is full of carbohydrates when trying to build muscle fast.
  • Eat regularly: The days of eating 3 meals per day are gone! The key to building mass is staying in an anabolic state and achieving a caloric surplus. This will be very difficult only eating 3 meals per day and likely with the massive gas between meals your body is going to breakdown muscle for protein to fuel daily functions. I like to go off eating 5-6 meals per day spread between 2 and 3 hours apart.
  • Don’t do it low fat: A big mistake most early lifters make is thinking fats are bad and getting everything reduced fat and avoiding things like avocados and nuts because they don’t want to ‘put on fat’. Fat is essential for muscle growth as it has a direct relationship with testosterone levels in the body which is the big daddy hormone of muscle building.
  • H20: It goes without saying water is a must especially eating high calories it will be needed to aid with digestion and storage of glycogen in your muscles
  • Pre and post workout meals: These need to be the biggest meals of your day, in these two meals look to go very high carbohydrates and protein with moderate fats. I like to eat 1-1.5 hours pre workout to allow time for the food to convert into fuel, consume a protein shake with simple sugars immediately at conclusion then my big post workout meal 1 hour later.
  • REST!! This is a big one that many eager young guys overlook in search of training harder to grow. Heres the truth you muscle grow when they are rested!! If your training 7 days a week at a high intensity chances are your body isn’t getting the rest it requires to focus on the difficult task of building muscle. I recommend while trying to gain mass you rest every 2-3 days and focus on getting at least 8 hours sleep per night.


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