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Do you have a specific date coming up you need to look your best for? Have you let yourself go a bit and want to get back to the old you? Have you plateud in your weight loss and don’t know how to fix it? Are you wanting that elusive 6 pack but nothings working? If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above questions and driven to achieve your goals then YES BBTJ is for you

The meal plans are designed with 7 days of different meals adding up to 35 meals per week, giving you tonnes of variety!

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TJ sends you weekly mental initiation videos to ensure your always on your game and if you have had a slip up you know the steps to take to get straight back on track.

Here at BBTJ we highly recommend a gym membership to get the most out of your program and to stay motivated seeing hard working people training around you.

TJ has a massive sweet tooth! He loves to go out with friends for dinner and enjoy the odd desert in moderation. Cheat meals are certainly included and the timing and amount is very important which is explained throughout the nutrition guidelines.

TJ tells every client that nutrition is far and above the most important part of any transformation and you can not supplement or out train a poor diet!! However if your following your nutrition plan and training hard Tj also feels supplements are a sure way to speed up your results and help you achieve your goals.

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