How to stop being HUNGRY



Hunger is almost unavoidable during a diet/cutting phase as your body is burning more fuel than you are consuming in order to burn excess body fat. In saying this there are definitely a few ways to help curb hunger and stay satiated, they are:

1. WATER!!! I have so many clients who when they first come to me are drinking no where near enough water. The more hydrated you are the better your digestive system will be, the better pumps you will get and the better your ability to burn fat without feeling hungry will be.

2. Eat lots of green veggies

Veggies are crazy low in calories so you can have large servings without effecting your calorie deficit. This will mean a fuller stomach to have you avoiding temptation.

3. Consume more Fibre

Fibres foods are very filling and also assist in digestion. Fibre can be found in lots of plant based foods like broccoli, oats, bran some fruits and so on.

Remember it is not unusual to feel a little hungry while dieting but these tips should make it more bearable and prevent you from eating the whole pantry in a fit of rage!

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Supplementation – Stick to the basics

Supplementation is something i get asked about constantly and its probably one of the areas of fitness people are most confused about. I recommend for most people with a good diet to stick to the basics. You don’t need to go out and buy 30 different products to make 1 mega stack that you think is going to replace eating well. Supplements are made to support you ON TOP OF a good balanced diet and not ‘replace’ one. In saying this they certainly play a big part but number one is getting your diet on track and then adding supplements in for convenience and enhanced results.

So i thought id let you guys know my top 4 sups i use regularly

  1. Protein powder: This ones a must for me especially straight after a workout i mix protein powder with dextrose (carbs) to start the repair process instantly. I also like to mix my protein powder in with oats and sometimes greek yoghurt to make sure I hit my macros.
  2. Amino acids: I’m a big fan of amino acids while training, I just feel like they are an insurance policy against breaking down to much muscle and going backwards, instead keeping you essential amino high all the way through your workout. Also great for if your time before meals is stretching out a little to chuck some BCAA’s in to keep protein synthesis high.
  3. Creatine: Creatine is naturally produced in the body and is your muscles primary source for explosive contractions however your body can only store a small amount. This is why your strength begins to fade throughout a workout, supplementing with creatine can help you push harder for longer.
  4. Pre-workout: This is an on/off supplement for me as I find if i use one consistently for to long the effects start to wear off. However especially when cutting if your looking for that extra kick and pump to have you jumping out of your skin to train it can certainly come from a pre workout. Aim for one containing creatine, beta alanine, agamatine and caffeine

Why choose Bodies by TJ?


Why choose Bodies by TJ over all the other transformation platforms available?


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When i set out building this website over a year ago I began with the question, ‘How can I assist the most people in transforming not only their bodies, but also their mental approach to fitness?’

Reason being losing body fat is not a physical challenge it is infact a far greater mental challenge! Losing weight is a simple formula but it is our relation ship to food and exercise and the mental conditioning associated that messes up our results.

That’s why I came up with ‘Mental Initiation’. To become Mentally initiated it means you have flicked the switch from no longer thinking of exercise as a punishment or a chore and instead associating the amazingly positive effect it has on your body and mind. All of a sudden instead of dreading walking into the gym at 6am your running in to get your next fix of emotional candy when you complete a session sweaty and exhausted you know you’ve crushed it and are one step closer to your goal.

When you become part of the team here at BBTJ we lay out every single step for you to take the guess work out of fitness and no longer make results a maybe they are a fact! No longer guessing if your eating the right food I will design the perfect macronutrient based meal plan to suit your needs and lifestyle with over 35 meals to choose from. My 40DT starts off at a decent pace and cranks right up as the weeks go by to have you a fit and lean machine at the end of your 40 days!


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It’s Time to Transform!





Goal setting

Goal setting is something i hold very highly as a must in life. As you would have found completing your goal setting questionnaire before starting the 40DT when you are forced to question yourself about what you truly want and most importantly ‘Why’ you want it, things become a lot more tangible and give you a clear sight of the person you will need to become to achieve the goal.

You see its not about the result of achieving the goal itself but rather about the person you need to become to achieve the goal that is the most motivating aspect of goal setting. For example for you to achieve the goal of dropping 10% body fat and adding muscle to your body you will need to become someone who is determined, strong, focused, disciplined, fit, healthy and so on which is much more exciting than just the result itself. Do you think the person required to achieve that goal may also have the ability to achieve other personal goals you have not yet achieved? And this is the beauty of fitness its about transforming your body and mind!! Once you become mentally initiated you will find yourself living a fulfilling life in so many other ways and not just fitness, all of a sudden that business you have been to scared or not driven enough to pursue seems so much less daunting and achievable.

So now for the actual goal setting process, what I like to do here whether a fitness, business, relationship or health goal is go through the following steps:

  1. Be very clear about where i currently am in relation to this goal, for example if I am currently without a job or income and my goal is to earn a million dollars this year I would be a long way off achieving this and not currently contributing positively to the result. That means no more head in the sand, it may be painful but you MUST be real with yourself and stop all the stories you tell yourself to feel better! If you don’t know exactly where you are, there’s no way you can design a map for where you want to get to.
  2. Next step is to clearly visualise yourself achieving the goal, try and step into your body in that situation of having achieved your goal and the feelings/emotions that you would be feeling as a result. This is where our ‘WHY’ comes into play which is the driving force behind everything we do. Through this visualisation you will see and feel the person you must become to achieve this goal and just how amazing the end result will feel.
  3. Once clear about where you are and where you want to be determine the ‘Massive action’ needed to launch yourself in the right direction to achieving the result. Going back to our million dollar example this person may decide their massive action is that very day applying for 5 part time jobs to fund and also still give them time to work on building a website to sell their knowledge to the world or a product that could add value to peoples lives.
  4. Design a list of the benefits achieving your goal would bring (feelings, emotions, possibilities etc) that you found through your visualisation, this list will be great to look back on and remind yourself why your busting your ass for the goal!
  5. Design a list of obstacles that are currently or may in future stand in your way. Sadly this may include some friends or family, if they are a negative influence and drain you of energy/motivation it is ok to love them by all means but maybe don’t be having daily/weekly chats that zap you of your mojo.
  6. Make a defined list of objectives and actions you need to take in order to achieve your goal, these will of course come into play after your previously decided massive action! These will help you have measurable KPI’s to always know where your at and if you need to pivot and adjust your plan of attack.
  7. This is the fun part TELL PEOPLE!!! Tell the biggest loudmouth you know exactly what your going to achieve in the period of time you have set yourself. This is the number 1 way to keep yourself accountable because you well know if you get lazy and don’t come through that loudmouth will tell the world haha
  8. Now go get it done!! You have your clear path, you know why you want it so bad that nothing will stop you and you have the step by step checklist to keep track of how you are going with the ability to adapt and change your approach. Now all that’s left to do is achieve.

Time to put yourself first

OK this is going to be a very new and uncomfortable concept for a lot of people especially mums and Dads but this is something that will be very important throughout your 40 days and NEEDS to happen!! Now let me explain, I’m not saying deny who you are, no longer giving and become completely selfish because that’s not who you are and that’s not who I am so that’s not my recommendation. However I recommend before starting your 40 day challenge simply sit down with the people who demand most of you in life at this time (kids, husband/wife/partner, Mum, Dad, business partner) and explain to them you have decided to embark on an amazing journey of self discovery and that for the next 40 days you NEED to make fitness and health your first priorities. Explain you love them dearly and you are doing this so you can be a better, healthier person for them and they will completely understand.

Once you have done this they will think twice about calling you while your at work with complaints or asking you not to go to the gym or asking you to go out for ice-cream etc instead they will also feel apart of your goals and support what you are achieving. If after this explanation they still give you a hard time please send me their email and I’ll be in touch with a scathing warning hahaha

Creating the mental shift

As you would have heard me say many times i believe the key to achieving a great transformation and living a healthy life is mental initiation. I came up with the term mental initiation to represent when someone has flicked the switch inside their mind to be open to new ideas and change the way they have been living their life and in turn becoming initiated.

So how do we achieve this?

Well mental initiation has nothing to do with will power! Sounds funny but the truth is will power can only last so long and will eventually fade and you will cave to whatever it is you are restricting yourself from or you will discontinue the thing your will power is making you do e.g. going to the gym. So this makes will power un sustainable and not what we want to rely on when it comes to living a healthy life. Instead it comes down to changing your beliefs you have about certain things you are doing in your life, finding the negative habits you are creating and replace them with positive habits that fulfil the same needs.

For example if someone is smoking cigarettes daily there is a good chance they are doing so because it satisfies certain human needs (certainty, connection, stress release). Now instead of just stopping smoking and using will power to try and hold on every day without smoking until they finally snap and inhale a whole pack! The individual needs to replace the bad habit with a positive one that fulfils the same human needs and more, so that they no longer need the bad habit to feel that way, it can be achieved through positive growth actions. In this case it could be by taking up running, through running they will satisfy the need for certainty (they know where they are going, that they will work up a sweat and clear their mind), they will feel connection (with self while they shut the world out and run) and there is no greater stress release then training your body its scientifically proven to release endorphins and decrease stress.

Most importantly they will satisfied the human need for GROWTH, this should be the driving need for most people as it continually has you growing,learning,progressing and in turn feeling satisfaction and fulfilment.

So in conclusion if you have a bad habit or find going to the gym a chore, the key is to change your beliefs around these things and replace the bad with good to always be improving.

How to get ‘skinny’

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This one is clearly for the ladies ‘How to get skinny’ unfortunately is asked of me quite a bit and I hate the word skinny!! I feel ‘skinny’ promotes an unhealthy body image that girls shouldn’t aspire to. I prefer to go with the term ‘fit’ not this is a body to aspire to, one with good muscle structure, low body fat and healthy curves that is sustainable for a lifestyle. So lets avoid the term ‘how to get skinny and rather go with how to get ‘fit’, for this look girls need to add the following into their lives

  • A caloric deficit; where you are eating just below what your body needs to maintain its current body weight. This should be done carefully and with guidance to ensure you are getting the right macronutrient breakdown.
  • Perform strength training; This is an absolute must!! No cardio bunnies are going to maintain a low body fat and lean physique. Training with weights will build lean fat burning muscle to help you maintain that dream body.
  • Drink plenty of water; This will aid with digestion and the elimination of toxins in the body.
  • Eat 5-6 small meals a day; Once your macros have been established you need a well balanced meal plan made up of 5-6 small meals spread 2-3 hours throughout the day to keep you in a fat burning non catabolic zone and fire up your metabolism

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How to grow your chest


If your looking for a hard looking well rounded physique, building your chest muscles should be a priority. There are plenty of exercises that target your chest however time under tension and muscle overload will be the key to growing your chest.

How this overload and consistent tension is best applied can vary from individual to individual as some feel their chest get a better contraction when performing pushing movements like a bench press and other feel it better when performing flying movements like a cable pec fly. The key is to get yourself a well rounded chest program and figure out the best ways you feel your pecs contracting and tightening up and really focusing in on the tension.

Once you have done this the key to grow your chest will be to overload the muscles week to week through varying your weights and rep ranges so that your chest is constantly being shocked into growth!!


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How to get Abs


I’m sure you’ve all heard “Abs are made in the kitchen” and to be honest this is completely accurate! Although working out the abdominal muscles is important for shape and growth so that they pop out nicely, it doesn’t matter how many insane ab workouts your doing if your not eating the correct diet to burn away the fat on top they will never see the light of day.

In order ‘To get Abs’ you need very low stomach fat, it’s that simple and to get this we need the right macronutrient balance, a good training program and above all consistency! So to achieve this I highly recommend working out what macros are best to have you in a controlled deficit and always being prepared with your food ahead of time to save that last minute run by macaques drive through because your starving and have no food! If you need some help with a nutrition plan to get you abs fast follow the link below and become part of the team!!


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Get muscle fast


In order to build muscle fast there needs to be certain things in place with your diet and training. The biggest mistake most young blokes make when trying to get muscle onto their frame is not eating enough calories!! If your looking to ‘Bulk’ nutrition is everything!! I see it all to often, young guys spending more than 2 hours a day in the gym doing more training then they need to grow then not eating enough food so in turn not seeing any results nearly as fast.

So some simple things to make sure your ticking off for muscle growth are:

  • Protein for mass: I like to be better safe then sorry here when gaining mass so i go with 1.2 x per pound of body weight, for example if you weigh 200 pounds your protein would be set at 200×1.2= 240g protein per day
  • Carbs are essential: Carbohydrates are what our bodies use to fuel our workouts, they are stored in the muscles as glycogen and can help with the release of insulin which will put your body into an anabolic state to grow muscle so ensure your body is full of carbohydrates when trying to build muscle fast.
  • Eat regularly: The days of eating 3 meals per day are gone! The key to building mass is staying in an anabolic state and achieving a caloric surplus. This will be very difficult only eating 3 meals per day and likely with the massive gas between meals your body is going to breakdown muscle for protein to fuel daily functions. I like to go off eating 5-6 meals per day spread between 2 and 3 hours apart.
  • Don’t do it low fat: A big mistake most early lifters make is thinking fats are bad and getting everything reduced fat and avoiding things like avocados and nuts because they don’t want to ‘put on fat’. Fat is essential for muscle growth as it has a direct relationship with testosterone levels in the body which is the big daddy hormone of muscle building.
  • H20: It goes without saying water is a must especially eating high calories it will be needed to aid with digestion and storage of glycogen in your muscles
  • Pre and post workout meals: These need to be the biggest meals of your day, in these two meals look to go very high carbohydrates and protein with moderate fats. I like to eat 1-1.5 hours pre workout to allow time for the food to convert into fuel, consume a protein shake with simple sugars immediately at conclusion then my big post workout meal 1 hour later.
  • REST!! This is a big one that many eager young guys overlook in search of training harder to grow. Heres the truth you muscle grow when they are rested!! If your training 7 days a week at a high intensity chances are your body isn’t getting the rest it requires to focus on the difficult task of building muscle. I recommend while trying to gain mass you rest every 2-3 days and focus on getting at least 8 hours sleep per night.


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