Ab Workouts


Ab Workouts with the right diet are an awesome way to reveal that 6 pack for summer. The abs can be trained in many different ways and are even strengthened and shaped through our big compound lifts Squats and deadlifts. With the many ways to train our abs i decided to list my top 4 ab revealing movements to ad into your ab workout.

  1. Planks: These should be a base of every ab workout, they are great for core stabilisation and development of your TA.
  2. Controlled crunches: The word controlled is important as too many people race through 100 crunches with out ever fully contracting their stomach muscles when they could have done 15 proper crunches with control to more effect.
  3. Leg lifts (lying or hanging): These are great for the bigger lower abdominals and revealing the much coveted ‘V’.
  4. Bicycle crunches: These are great for the upper and lower abdominals getting pumped at the same time. The same as with your crunches you want to slow these down a bit focusing on the squeeze of your stomach muscles.

So there’s my top 4 ab exercises to throw into your ab workouts. It is very important to note breathing plays a large part in your ability to contract your stomach muscles, when performing a crunch ensure you are always exhaling during the contraction phase and getting all your air expelled before releasing the contraction and starting again.


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